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About Us

Sato Kogyo is widely recognized as one of Japan's leading manufacturers of premium-quality, solid hardwood flooring.

Founded in 1918, Sato Kogyo started out as a supplier for a wide variety of wood products. However, in order to meet the demands of a growing market, Sato Kogyo began manufacturing its own brand of high-quality, solid hardwood flooring in 1959.

Since then, Sato Kogyo's innovative manufacturing processes, proven engineering designs, constant reevaluation, and strict attention to quality control, have helped establish Sato Kogyo as a true industry leader.

Sato Kogyo is proud to deliver only the very best in solid hardwood flooring products.


Company Name Sato Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
Founded/Incorporated June, 1918/July, 1955
Capital ¥82,500,000
Major Business Manufacture of solid hardwood flooring
Installation of flooring and sub-floor heating systems
Head Office 2-3483, Azuma, Kanaya, Shimada-Shi, Shizuoka-Pref., T 428-0013 JAPAN
Tel:+81-547-45-2174 / Fax:+81-547-45-2176
Tokyo Office We closed our Tokyo office at Feb. 28th 2010. Please contact us to our Head Office.

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Tel:+81-547-45-2174 Fax:+81-547-45-2176

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